Wednesday, January 17, 2007

School starts

I am so excited and at the same time so nervous about starting my last semester here at school. I will be getting my Associates degree in Computer Information Systems on June 1st. To me it is a dream and an accomplishment. I am so proud of myself.

My husband was dead against this. He told me, don't enroll. But I did what I thought was right for us, especially for my son. And you know what? I WAS RIGHT!! Ha, ha!! I did the right thing and we were able to afford it. Having the degree can only add to my options and the opportunities. How can it be bad?

As a gift to myself, I am going for a month long trip to Brazil with my son. It will be winter time there but it will be great for us, because we can spend more time with family. I just want to visit with my Mom and brother, meet my little nephew and have them meet my boy as well.

I am taking a Web Design class as well as Project Management. I am looking forward to this semester and will hopefully complete the degree with a 4.0 point average.


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